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Living In South Florida is great. The weather is mostly sunny and we don’t get any harsh elements besides an occasional hurricane but the sun beaming on your cars paint and the scattered showers and thunder storms are not the best for your car. The rain leaves behind water spots. These weather conditions can do lots of damage if not maintained.

If by any chance you were to water the car down thinking that it would help… in reality you would only make things worse. As water spots dry, they leave these mineral deposits to etch into any material they are allowed to dry on and will become permanent. This damage most of the time can be fixed by applying a fall out/tar remover on the whole vehicle. If that doesn’t work then its on to compounding and polishing.

The best way to take care of your vehicle is a wash every (2) weeks, wax every quarter, and a clay bar decon to remove fall-out once a year. Your car would greatly appreciate it. It would be clean, feel soft, and look amazing.

New cars are usually washed before selling the car. That is all they do is wash your car. It doesn’t come with any protection. In the form of waxes or sealants. The only protection that is offered to you at the dealer is a ceramic coating.

Most cars have dual stage paint meaning there is the first layer of paint is the color of the car. The second is the clear coat which is what protects the paint of the car from damage. Clear coats needs washing and waxing for maintenance and longevity. Clear coats are being improved and are superior to clear coats of days past. Now in days there are actually coating that protect your car anywhere from 1-7 years with no need for waxing.

Most car paint will last 2-4 years without any form of washing and waxing and be just fine. But this is neglectful and you will pay a greater price later on.

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